Welcome to trendchaser.org
trade copy ea
works on windows xp
i havent tested other os
trade copy at tsd forum

this site is hosted from my home computer
ignore the text below
Welcome to my website
its all about coding here
expert advisors
custom indicators

here is a series of coding tutorials for mql4
metatrader 4 is probably the best platform out there
unfortunatly the best functionality is missed by new users

such as scripts
you can use scripts in metatrader
but it doesnt come stocked with them

they stocked it with some indicators
other than that they expect you to code your own stuff
like coding mql4 is common knowledge

here is some scripts that will give you the freedom to trade with a single click drag n drop
another thing is the indicators
i see ppl all over the forums wanting sound alerts, email alerts
youd think metaquotes woulda done better on the stock indies

here is some indicators i made
they are replacements
these come with all the features
coding programs for metatrader 4
                                      to trade currency
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